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Draw in Nature Studio specializes in natural science and botanical illustration. Watercolour, graphite and mixed media are used to create images that blend narrative, science and art with the natural world.

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Duets: The Dance of Symbiotic Relationships
Cover Duets book

About the Book

Inspired by plants at the Bloedel Conservatory in Vancouver, British Columbia, Vicky has created 18 original watercolor paintings for this stunning book. Her text shares stories of unique plant adaptations and mutually beneficial relationships that have evolved over millennia between plants, insects, animals, and humans. An excellent book for adults and children alike! “From a teaching perspective, ‘Duets’ is a unique supplement to the learning of indigenous plants from different parts of the world. This is information not readily available to student learning at most horticultural centers.” Lorenz Bruechert, Teacher, Lord Kitchener Elementary School.  Read more and order at:

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