Nature at its core evokes hope and renewal. Draw in Nature Studio tells stories through images, providing a narrative that increases understanding of the world we live in. Vicky’s work invites people to slow down, look a little closer, and be surprised by the nature all around us.

Vicky grew up with a love of nature, art and science. This led her to a career in scientific/medical illustration in which she has created images full-time since 1985. Vicky began working at the University of British Columbia and its affiliated teaching hospitals in 1989 after receiving her degree in Medical Illustration from the University of Toronto. More recently, she acquired her Masters in Education Technology from UBC with the goal to better understand technology for teaching and online education. Over the course of her career, Vicky has designed and produced thousands of illustrations for scientific and medical textbooks, journals and brochures, as well as artwork for legal litigation, video, animation and websites.

Depending on the subject, Vicky creates images using traditional media, as well as utilizing digital technology for various audiences and applications worldwide. She has technical expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, focusing on digital drawing and is well versed in Prezi, Camtasia and Whiteboard animation applications. Vicky works on any medical or natural science subject.

Fees for any project depend on several variables including size, media, complexity, and usage. Please email: to discuss your project and/or receive an estimate.

To see Medical Illustrations, please visit:

Find me on Twitter @DrawInNature

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  1. Just heard your interview on nxnw. What a warm feeling to hear your voice and all the stories that were my focus when I worked with you all at the Bloedel Conservatory.. I am, as usual, impressed and enlightened by your appreciation of the world around us.


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